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Industrial & Commercial

Time is money. Westcan endeavors to simplify the removal of scrap metal and waste generation created as a by-product of core business functions. With a strong reputation and a diverse base of international end-users, Westcan provides full metal management solutions to its customer base, providing peace of mind and creating revenue.

With a full fleet of trucks, trailers, bins as well as a vast range of logistic partners, we are able to accommodate needs throughout North America.

Westcan utilizes radiation detection, analyzers as well as advanced software to allow for full documentation, pictures, and history to provide accurate information as well as to guarantee your material is processed in a safe, cost-effective manner. Our core principles of integrity, transparency, availability, reliability and versatility guarantee we will meet and exceed expectations.

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Material Identification:

  • Overhead cameras located throughout the facilities
  • XRF Analysers on-site to ensure accurate specialty alloy grading & maximize returns
  • Intensive training program & rigid protocols


  • Certified truck scales and platform scales throughout the facility
  • Radiation detection scans of all inbound loads, handheld scanning for confirmation
  • Overhead cameras at all scale locations with automatic functionality to ensure all loads can be verified visually
  • Bill Of ladings provided by drivers on-site for record of loads hauled
  • Monthly breakdowns of all loads & referenced Bill of Lading number to ensure traceability and confirm load count
  • Transparent pricing structures based on monthly indexes


  • 24 - 48 hour pick up service from call-in
  • Live reception, dispatch, and management to ensure immediate attention
  • A professional group of skilled fully licenced drivers

Specialty Haul:

  • TDG
  • Oversize Load Permitted
  • Combination Trailers, Overweight
  • Waste items such as concrete, wood, cardboard and garbage
  • Mixed loads of garbage and metal

Transport Types:

Bins Lugger:

  • 8 yard Lugger
  • 12 yard Lugger
  • 14 yard Lugger
  • 16 yard Lugger
  • 20 yard Lugger


  • 25 yard Rolloff
  • 30 yard Rolloff
  • 35 yard Rolloff
  • 40 yard Rolloff
  • 51 yard Rolloff
  • 65 yard Rolloff
  • 75 yard Rolloff

Forklift Loaded:

  • Drums
  • 2 yard Forklift
  • 4 yard Forklift

Tractor Trailer Units:

  • 48 & 53' Triaxle Flatdecks
  • 53' Step Decks
  • 48 & 53' Vans
  • Btrain Flatdecks
  • Lowboys
  • Jeeps, Boosters, heavy haul